Why enter awards, reason 2 – A seal of approval

On the surface, winning an award gives you that all-important seal of approval – the validation from an unbiased third party, and the credibility that you should be taken as an expert in your chosen field. It provides reassurance to your potential customers that they will be sure to receive the highest standards possible. And when there’s often only one winner per category, it can give them that all-important reason to choose you over your competitors.

An awards winner, or shortlisted entrant, gets to piggyback on the brand equity from the awards scheme and is able to use their logo and name in communications, much as an endorser brand would. That’s why it’s important to have a well thought out awards strategy that serves a higher purpose. There has to be a link – a solid shared value or brand promise – to enable that seal of approval to resonate with your target audience.

So in the design industry, one of the most coveted accolades is a D&AD yellow pencil. The D&AD Awards are known for their ruthless judging process and paying attention to the really fine details that other award schemes may let slide. In fact, this quality standard was set way back in their first awards show in 1962 when the judges selected just 16 pieces of work from 2,500 entries. As a D&AD pencil winner, you’re viewed to be delivering world-class, cutting-edge creative.

But from a client’s point of view, nothing says effective design like the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards. Its meticulous judging process involves 3 rounds and is judged by discerning clients who only award those projects that have delivered undeniable design effectiveness. Winners are those businesses that have been transformed strategically and economically through the power of design. And because both client and agency receive equal recognition, it’s a win-win.

Award schemes are a vehicle to showcase the very best of the best. To give other businesses a glimpse of what has worked, and to set the bar high for the industry. As an awards winner, your work will undoubtedly be in the public eye for much longer, and you’ll countlessly be referred to as a shining example of best practice.

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